Tally Data Recovery

Our Tally Data Recovery Representatives are specialized in recovery of corrupt Tally files from the failed or crashed hard drives. They recover / repair and extract the required information and data. The lost or forgotten Tally Passwords can also be recovered. 

Why Tally data gets corrupted ?

The reason could be anyone of following :-

-While working on Tally power goes off and UPS is unable to give you backup. Next time you would open your Tally company in which you were working would get corrupted.

-The computer on which you were working is not operative and OS is not working properly. Somebody formatted it !!
-You have taken so many backups by copying the Tally folder in so many placed that you forgot which was to original one.
-You have taken a backup and when you try to restore it your data is washed out.

We Help to recover all types of Tally data 

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